Statue of the Crowking

An avian lord of some mystical realm? A deity perhaps, representing wisdom? No. Just a statue commemorating one of the greatest, and I use the term as tightly as possible here, criminal minds in Winter’s Verge. Or at least that is the official story one would find in the Crown Library. Brevon Karga was just another orphan in Port of Crows.

Many sailors, you see. He had gone from fighting cats and dogs over tavern scraps, to running the most dastardly and mind-bending smuggling business the world had, or will ever, see. Without delving too deeply, I will simply mention how he had managed to ship Moonrift buds aboard a royal vessel, that was actively searching for him at the time.

All while he was onboard the ship himself! The statue oversees the main harbor at Port of Crows as a reminder that the Crowking never forgot a face that made port there.