The Egg of Captain Ophius

Little is known regarding the actual egg but the quest to retrieve it is well documented within the Hourtide Archives in Moonrift.  Captain Davar Ophius was obsessed with reaching the farthest depths of the open western sea. He strongly believed that he’d find his life’s purpose on the ocean floor.

Nobody could fault the man for effort! He single-handedly created the first technique with which one could reach depths that were, at best, a myth for the rest of us.

The Ophius chamber was perfected through the years so that one could spend longer than twenty seconds on the bottom of the sea. When he finally attempted the descent, he returned clutching this egg.

Apparently it was resting on an immaculately smooth and flat ocean floor, as far as the eye could see. Clearly, the eye shouldn’t be able to see at that depth but he insisted that he could see as clear as day. The egg is permanently on display at the Moonrift Academy.