The Golem of Grimsoul Isles

After what seemed an eternity in Sapphirian, I was not ecstatic with the prospect of spending eighteen days at sea just to catch a glimpse of the Golem of Grimsoul Isles. Clearly just a story mothers would use to scare off a child that would refuse to finish their dinner, or go to bed. In fact, everyone who was not me was looking forward to this ‘monster hunt’ as they called it.

They soon lost all appetite for it at around the ten-day mark, and that was before the storm hit. I felt ever so slightly vindicated with their discomfort, almost forgetting mine.  

To my surprise, the Golem was not just a story.

The Chizari, the tribe with the responsibility of guarding the Golem, were adamant that it was real. And yes, it was a statue. I found the entire ordeal rather humorous. Until I touched it that is, and found it to be warm. Hot even, in the middle of winter!