The Silenced God

The mouthless visage of Vaikus sat ominously on a pedestal in the lush garden at the center of the town hall. We had been at Mortel for six days and not one local would open up about the history behind the so called Silenced God. Relia insisted I bribe someone, but that wouldn’t sit well with my family history.

Which is precisely why I had her bribe our potential informant in my stead! Apparently, the mere mention of his name is considered bad luck, or at least something that roughly translates as such from the harsh Anphielen tongue to our Alcyer.  

The girl we spoke to was precise, as if she was counting the words that were escaping her lips. She said “He is not there to be worshipped. Only a reminder that what is left unsaid often weighs more than that which is not”.  

Moreover, in the myth of Vaikus he is said to have been born in the Bay of Sighs.

The irony was not lost on us.