Spawn of Olvogron

It was around the year 598 that Lord Ehleymadeyn Olvogron took to the throne of Mortel with an iron fist. There was never any secrecy regarding the fact that he surrounded himself with speakers of the dead and witches.

Those who were armed in his name would strike down anyone or anything that spoke against him. During his fourteen year reign he had raised his own keep, on the foot of Mount Nivelia. From there he passed judgement on those who defied him.

Those who did defy were banished into the deepest caverns of the mountain. Some eighteen people where banished there during his time, and the procedure that had turned them into the spawns that has scholars scratching their heads even today, remains a mystery.

These abominations were the prisoners, within a brutish husk of moss-covered stone. It took an army to bring them all down. The one I have drawn here is preserved via necromancy and is on display in the private collection of Izabella Olvogron.