The Beaked Lithorion

The beaked Lithorion can be spotted on the cliffs of Trementhus, overlooking the Gardens of Aiden. What is commonly accepted about these lumbering beasts is that they are always aware of incoming tides, albeit being miles away from the sea!

During high tide you’d rarely find one being anywhere near the foot of the cliffs which speaks volumes about the past of this land. One can only conclude that most of our land mass was submerged in the years of old and these beasts are responsible for us discovering that fact! Don’t be in a rush to thank them though.

Each of their feet is the size of one man and they stand sixteen feet tall. As one of our guides said, “if you can see it, you are too close”.   When we did come across one, it did not seem to mind our presence (from afar) but what did strike me as impressive was the speed with which it covered ground on those steep slopes.