The Inquisitors of Ulmarak Peak

East of Oakenfort lies the Silver Ire range, famous for the battles fought there during the barbarian raids of the year 328. As history teaches us, marauders from the northern realms, now known as Khrazen Aghor following the Anphelian victory, were eyeing a foothold in Winter’s Verge and the Silver Ire was the perfect spot from which to mount an offensive.

Legend speaks of a powerful wizard that resided in one of its peaks. More specifically a chronomancer, should we believe the tales. Ulmarak Peak was an early target for the northerners but they were hastily dissuaded when they came across this fabled arcane master and his seemingly endless army of headless slaves.

Their form made them difficult to discern from the rocks within the peak while they moved with blinding speed and horrifying determination. Following the invader’s defeat, the Anphelian forces entered Ulmarak Peak only to find a single statue of one such Inquisitor clutching a scroll in its left hand.  

The scroll simply read “Next time, knock”.